The top five reasons why Project Management fails in IT organizations

IT places a major role in today’s world. E-commerce and various advances in IT have made significant impact on business operations. Most of the scholars defined IT as the capability offered by software,The top five reasons why Project Management fails in IT organizations Articles hardware and telecommunication networks to deliver data in any form to individuals and organizations. Most IT projects are categorized into the following areas: (1) infrastructure, which includes new or improved technologies or processes, (2) maintenance and upgrades to existing systems, (3) new product development and the introduction of new distribution channels, and (4) research and development. An effective managed service provider IT system and various IT related products can provide the infrastructure to facilitate the flow between processes and people in an organization.

There has been more written about Project Management. The framework defined by Project Management Institute (PMI) is a great way of managing projects in any organization. But, this is not covering the entire IT. There are still a few of the organizations where this framework does not seem to fit.

In my personal experience I have found that IT organizations that addressed the factors that have been detailed below have used Project Management approach as a framework to meet the business goals and have achieved significant success.

Lack of executive support: This factor is most frequently cited reason for project management failure in many organizations. IT organizations will not be able to implement any approach without upper management support. In order to get their support, they must be well educated regarding the benefits of using project management approach and get them to show their involvement through positive reinforcement, recognition, and provide support as required.